About AOS Products Pvt. Ltd.

About AOS Products Pvt. Ltd.

AOS Products Private Limited (An ISO 9001-2008 and GMP Accredited Company) are India's leading name in the field of Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Oils, Spice Oils and Oleoresins, Menthol Crystals, Mint oils, Allied Mint Products, Pine Oils and its derivatives .

AOS Products is professionally managed company of experienced professional's and technocrats', which differ our company with most of the Indian Companies.

AOS Products Private Limited was incorporated in year 2009, with a mission to make available Pure and Natural Products with all the therapeutic qualities and naturalness intact, to companies as well as to common man so that they can be benefitted by the power of nature. We have maintained high quality standards for our Products, As a result, in a very short span of time our company has evolved and grown exponentially and now we are recognized and respected as a company that offers impeccable quality natural products match less services in the industry. Our commitment of continuous improvement in the quality of existing products and development of new products demanded highly efficient Manufacturing Plant and Testing Lab. Thus we have installed ISO 9001-2008 and GMP Accredited Manufacturing Plant in which we are now developing new processes and Methodologies in manufacturing Essential oils and its derivatives so that the Flavour, Fragrance and other qualities of oil remain intact and not lost during the process.

Our Specialization:

We at AOS Products Private Limited, proposes its customers Natural product with high quality mint oil, caraway oil, cardamom oil, menthol crystals, lemongrass oil, cinnamon oil, jojoba oil, fennel oil, dill oil, moringa oil, oregano oil, juniper berry oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, spearmint oil, tea tree oil, thyme oil, complying to IP, BP, USP, JP and EP and maintain GMP standards.Our products are free from solvents, pesticide residues, aflotoxins, and other adulterants contaminants.

Our Quality :
AOS Products Private Limited holds reputation of a supplier who delivers superior quality, timely delivery and commercially feasible pricing. We have achieved this in a really small period of time, due to our professional approach and commitment to maintain our standards.We strive for continuous improvements in our products and services which is the key of our development and growth. We fully understand that scope of improvement is endless.

Why Buy form us?

The best answer for above can be if you want the best quality at the most genuine rates! Utmost Quality: As aforementioned, our products exhibit utmost quality, which is comprised of the truest aroma of nature. Our essential oils are carved and processed from the most natural methods, ensuring the natural aroma and freshest feel. In addition, it is especially processed to meet your variant uses like-medicinal, cosmetic and so on.
Lucrative Rates: Our prices have been quoted at the most nominal rates in the market. You can conduct competitive analysis, the price and quality advantage is simply fabulous.

Potential & Punctuality: We carry a fabulous record of delivering products on time. Moreover, we render our products safely, preventing any possibilities of damage. We can cater any bulk demand in any short period of time, which an exclusive feature at our place.

Global Reach: We are global providers and accessible to every corner of the globe. So wherever you are residing, please feel free to contact us.


AOS Products is one of the Major Manufacturer and Exporter lavender oil, The oil of the lavender plant is an essential oil, giving it many uses. It is made from the flower spikes of various lavender plants by the method of distillation (See: Production). Similar to many other essential oils, it is not a pure compound, but instead naturally mixed with various types of phytochemicals. One of the most well known lavender oil is the Kashmir Lavender oil, made from the lavender plants in the Himalayas.

History of Lavender Oil

lavender oil has been in use for over 2,000 years. It is said that the Egyptians used the oil first, as a fragrance and in mummification. The Arabians and Phoenicians also used lavender oil as perfume. The name for lavender in ancient Greece was “spikenard” and was used to treat everything imaginable.

During the times of the Romans, lavender was a highly sought after substance. The flowers themselves were worth more than a farmer could make in a month. Romans used the petals to scent their baths, and this is the reason lavender is named so; the Latin lavare mean “to wash.” This was not the only thing that Romans used lavender for though. They put it in their blends for smoking, as a perfume as the Egyptians did, used it as an insect repellent, and used it for flavoring food and drink.

In the Medieval times, lavender was used in homes to deodorize and disinfect. It was believed that lavender warded against illness, so it was grown in many gardens. When the Great Plague of London hit, lavender was being used everywhere as a means of fighting off the disease. People carried satchels, gloves makes used lavender oil to scent their leathers, and looters who ransacked the homes of victims of the Plague washed in a concoction containing lavender oil to cleanse away any remnants of the Plague they might have caught.

The Quakers used lavender as well, and this is who the use of lavender and lavender oil was introduced to the United States and Canada. They produced their own herbs, crafted medicines, and sold them to the neighbors outside of their sect. As the Quakers were a celibate sect, they more than likely never looked into the romantic and sensual effects of lavender oil. However, it is rumored that Cleopatra used lavender oil to beguile her men, such as Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

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